CCTV Drainage Surveys

From standard connectivity/condition to pre and post rehabilitation, as well as the identification of ongoing issues, Terrain Surveys are proud to undertake CCTV drainage surveys to support our growing client base. 

Terrain Surveys have been providing high-quality CCTV drainage surveys since 2007, utilising the latest camera technology in pipeline inspections to cover domestic, commercial and industrial sites.

The latest CCTV drainage survey inspection camera technology, paired with digital delivery, is the most cost-effective method of identifying current and potential problems within your drainage system.

How are cctv drainage surveys undertaken?

CCTV drainage surveys are undertaken by remote-controlled modular camera systems or flexible push rod systems. In most cases, our experienced engineers do not need to enter drains to undertake the survey, but are fully confined space trained should the need be required.

As the CCTV drainage survey progresses, the camera moves along the pipeline, either by a remote-controlled crawler unit or pushrod system, upstream and downstream, with the distance from its starting and finish points recorded. The CCTV drainage survey will record structural defects, service and operational observations, as well as any anomalies. Other observations will also be recorded, including images of any defects detected during the survey.

Depending on the reason for instructing a CCTV drainage survey, prior cleaning of a pipeline may or may not be recommended. If, for example, a sewerage system has frequent blockages, it is advisable to survey without cleaning, to determine both the service and the structural condition. However, if a structural drainage survey is required, with prior knowledge of significant defects, cleaning the pipeline in advance is recommended. Should you require advice prior to instructing a CCTV drainage survey, our team would be pleased to discuss your site-specific requirements and advise accordingly. 


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What is included in a CCTV drainage survey report?

Upon completion of the survey, all the digital data collected will be processed into a final report, meeting the latest WRC MSCC5 standard. This will then be distributed in a user-friendly format.

Final CCTV Drainage Survey report will include:
  • Overview of the works undertaken
  • Graded levels of noted defects 
  • Production of new or updating existing site plans 
  • List of proposed remedial repair recommendations following the survey

As part of our post-CCTV drainage survey services, Terrain Surveys can undertake any recommended drainage remedial works proposed in the CCTV drainage survey report.

Post-CCTV Drainage Survey services include:
  • HPWJ desilting, root cutting/descale with specialised nozzles or simple cleaning
  • Excavation and repairs, including Trenchless technology
  • Directional mechanical & HPWJ robotic cutting 
  • Structural lining installation (various methods & process available)
  • Incorporating utilities, topographical & CCTV data, separately surveyed and included in one CAD drawing

Instructing a CCTV Drainage Survey

If you have a project which could benefit from a CCTV drainage survey, please call us on 01438 841300 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, fill out the contact form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.


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