Utility Surveys

A Utility Survey is a below surface survey identifying all underground utilities and service routes including gas, water, telecommunications, electricity and drainage, as well as voids within a specified area.

Terrain Surveys boast extensive experience in undertaking utility surveys throughout the UK. Utility surveys are a vital stage in the development of a site and, by using the latest underground utility surveying methods, we are able to provide highly-accurate survey drawings, identifying all existing underground utilities, service routes and voids within a specified area.

Typically instructed to assist with the design and planning stages of a project, Terrain Surveys have proudly undertaken hundreds of utility surveys for projects spanning many sectors, ranging from residential redevelopment to the regeneration of industrial estates

Underground utility surveys are undertaken via two methods: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electro-Magnetic Locators (EML). GPR sends signals into the ground and listens for reflections from the signal, whilst EML detects the electromagnetic signal emitted by power cables. GPR should always be used with EML techniques.

Accurate information on services located underground is an important stage in the development of a site to ensure your project complies with health and safety regulations and to reduce project planning time along with minimising risks. The underground utilities are normally shown on top of a topographical survey plan, to show the above ground features such as buildings and boundaries in order to provide accurate survey drawings for clients.

From our Hertfordshire head office, Terrain Surveys undertakes utility surveys across London and the south, with our regional offices in Birmingham, Sussex and Bristol ensuring we are well placed to carry out utility surveys and GPR surveys throughout the UK.

A thorough and accurate utility survey drawing will reduce the risk of cable strikes and downstream mistakes.  Should you be looking to instruct a utility survey, do not hesitate to contact our experienced utility survey team on 01438 841300 or [email protected].

With a quote turn-around time of 48-hours, Terrain Surveys would be delighted to assist. 


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