Measured Surveys of a School in Warwick


Terrain Surveys were pleased to undertake a variety of measured surveys at a school in Warwick, with our Midlands-based teams undertaking a topographical survey, a utility survey and CCTV survey in order to support our client ahead of a potential development project to quickly install temporary classroom buildings at a number of school sites where RAAC was found to be an issue within the existing buildings.

The Challenge

To respond quickly and provide site content, an up-to-date topographical survey drawing of the development area. Using a total station, our topographical survey team undertook the survey and recorded all site features, such as building outlines, hard landscaping, service covers and levels.

Once the topographical survey was complete, a desktop utility search was undertaken, providing information on the services which our utility survey team could expect to encounter and, upon reviewing the report, the team attended site with both Electromagnetic Locator (EML) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GRP) equipment. Using both these geophysical techniques enables the detection of both metallic and non-metallic services such as gas and water mains, computer cables and underground heating pipes.

Finally, our CCTV drainage survey team attended and, working from our fully equipped vans, undertook a comprehensive survey, which included surveying pipe sizes, connectivity and invert levels of the drainage routes.

The Result

Working within the education sector attracts unique challenges and our teams were pleased to utilise two decades of experience to complete all surveys on time and within budget. We delivered the topographical survey drawing in DWG format, with the information gained from the utility and CCTV survey added to the this drawing, ensuring our client now holds a comprehensive set of drawings, allowing them to make informed decisions with regards to the next stage of their project.

Should you require a responsive team to deliver a comprehensive measured survey quickly, do not hesitate to contact Terrain Surveys for a bespoke quotation within 48 hours.


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