CCTV Drainage Survey at St. Edmund's College in Ware, Hertfordshire


Terrain Surveys were commissioned to undertake this CCTV Drainage and Connectivity Survey at the historic St Edmund’s College & Prep School in Ware, Hertfordshire, an independent day and boarding school founded in 1568. We were instructed to undertake this comprehensive CCTV survey of the below-ground drainage within a quadrangle, which would help inform designs for a modern structure infill.

The Challenge

Prior to the CCTV drainage survey, we completed various measured surveys at this historic school over a one-year period, which included a measured building survey, topographical survey and an underground utility survey. These surveys provided the architect with essential geospatial information, delivered as a 3D Revit model, which included contextual data of the surrounding buildings. This comprehensive model was invaluable for communicating the design to stakeholders and demonstrating how the new structure would complement the existing buildings.

The CCTV drainage survey provided an accurate connectivity plan, as well as a detailed report on the drainage system's condition, which included remedial recommendations. This information was critical for deciding if any drainage needed to be diverted or repaired ahead of the planned construction project. Upon inspection, we discovered the surface water drainage system was completely surcharged, which was unknown to the maintenance team. In order to ensure a functioning drainage system, we extended our investigation beyond the quadrangle and found the entire surface water system was blocked, before outfalling into a watercourse.

A camera inspection revealed the obstruction was caused by a root mass and a buildup of silt and debris. We used high-pressure water jetting with a specialised root-cutting nozzle to remove the blockage, allowing the surface water system to drain correctly.

The Result

With the system cleared, we completed the quadrangle survey, including electronic tracing and dye testing to locate concealed manholes, identify collapsed pipe sections and confirm connectivity. This thorough investigation resolved the site's drainage issues and provided essential data for the construction project. Working in the education sector requires strict adherence to safe working practices, and we were therefore pleased to work closely with our site contact to ensure the survey was undertaken safely and with minimal disruption caused.

At Terrain Surveys, we are prepared for any challenges that may arise during drainage surveys. Our highly skilled surveyors, equipped with the latest technology, are dedicated to meeting your needs both above and below ground.

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