PAS 128 Survey in New Bond Street, London


Terrain Surveys were pleased to deliver this comprehensive PAS128 Survey in New Bond Street, London, to support the potential redevelopment of one of the street’s most recognisable buildings. Arguably the most prestigious shopping street in the world, New Bond Street is home to an abundance of luxury retailers and auction houses, and we were pleased to be instructed by our client, a global construction and property consultancy, to undertake the survey. We undertook all works at night in order to mitigate disruption. 

The Challenge

We were tasked with carrying out a PAS128 Category Type B-M2P survey, a detailed underground survey where both the Electromagnetic Locating (EML) equipment and the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) are used to seek, detect, verify and locate services.

Upon our arrival, we erected barriers around the first inspection cover, which was lifted and detailed accordingly, with temporary bio-degradable spray paint used to detail and mark the duct formation and depth of the cables.

In order to identify all services, various techniques and equipment were used in addition to our GPR and EML Locators. For example, when we were initially unable to obtain a signal from fibre optic cables, a pipe tracer was used, which is physically pushed through the cable duct to the end point with a transmitter attached.

Amongst many other techniques used during this survey, we performed a power and radio scan with our EML equipment, known as a ‘sweep’. The purpose of a sweep is to identify any metallic services that are not from any of the lifted inspection points and, if a signal is detected, we induce on the point, using a transmitter and locate the unknown metallic services with the correct depths.

For this project, 2 meter grids were to be measured and marked, with each grid given a clear reference. In order to do this, we used our GPR equipment, which was maneuvered over each respective grid, with each scan recorded. The data was saved and later processed in the office.

The Result

Terrain Surveys have proudly supported the Leisure & Retail industries with comprehensive measured surveys for two decades, and we were therefore pleased to deliver this survey to the agreed timescale and budgets, enabling our client to move to the next stage of their project. We recognise that, for this industry in particular, delivering surveys with minimal disruption is particularly vital, and we were therefore happy to accommodate working throughout the night to successfully deliver this project.

Should you be looking to instruct a PAS128 survey, or other form of utility survey, Terrain Surveys would be pleased to assist.


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