CCTV Drainage Investigation Survey at Capital Park, Cambridge


Capital Park, one of the UK’s biggest science and technology hubs, is located three miles from Cambridge city centre, and is home to some of the country’s most innovative businesses and research facilities.

With many buildings and offices undergoing a programme of major refurbishment works, our client required an extensive CCTV drainage connectivity survey to accurately identify all existing below ground drainage routes serving these buildings, as well as a detailed report on the current condition of the drainage.

Terrain Surveys were instructed to undertake this extensive survey and drainage remediation project over a 6-month period, with our in-house CCTV drainage survey and civils teams ultimately ensuring the project was completed within budget and to the agreed timescales.


In recent years, Cambridgeshire, like many areas of the country, has suffered flooding. With a major refurbishment scheme underway, it was vital for our client to ascertain whether the existing drainage system could cope with 1 in 100 year weather events, ahead of tenants taking residency. All data gathered from the CCTV survey would be used in the production of a hydraulic model of the site to simulate and analyse various weather scenarios.

Elements of traffic management were introduced to ensure minimal disruption was caused whilst our team, working from our fully equipped vehicles, were undertaking the survey. It was agreed that we would divide the survey into seven specific areas in order to create a manhole numbering reference system for ease of reference. From confirming connectivity and drainage condition, to recording invert levels and identifying internal downpipe locations, our teams undertook various surveys across the site, both in and around many individual buildings.

Upon completion of the survey, we produced connectivity plans, as well as an interactive report of each of the seven sections, with recommended remedial works. Once costs had been agreed, our civils team undertook various repairs and remediation work across the site, which included excavations, exposing buried chambers and bluelight lining, as well as the installation of new drainage assets.


Working on business parks in the midst of major refurbishment works presents unique challenges, and we were therefore pleased to utilise our two decades of experience in supporting commercial development projects to ensure the survey was completed on time, within budget and with minimal disruption caused. This sizeable survey, which was overseen by our CCTV Manager, Martin Hook, saw us undertake many of our in-house survey services, including topographical surveys, utility surveys and measured building surveys, to ensure the survey was delivered with accuracy and efficiency.

The final deliverable was an existing topographical survey drawing updated with the respective drainage routes, which was provided to the client in DWG format. The client now holds an accurate drawing of the drainage across this vast site, allowing them to move to the next stage of their project with confidence.

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