Drainage Remedials

Terrain Surveys provide remedial works solutions to rectify drainage issues raised during the detailed CCTV survey

One Stop Shop

Terrain Surveys are able to offer a one stop shop solution to cater for your needs, reducing costs involved in procuring numerous contractors to carry out each task. We offer a full range of services from topographical/measured building/utilities/CCTV surveys to a combination of them all collated onto the one CAD plan, presenting all of the recorded site information together in one place.

Following on from the CCTV survey inspections where any defects have been identified, we will provide recommendations for remedial works included in the final CCTV survey report. Our trained and experienced team of estimators will also formulate costs to undertake the various remedial works. If costs are agreed and accepted, our experienced civils/drainage teams will then undertake and complete the required works.


Trenchless Technology

The use of trenchless technology can reduce social costs and environmental impact, and simultaneously provide economic alternatives to traditional open-cut methods of repair, renewal, or installation.

The success of such no-dig technology methods depends heavily on training, thorough & comprehensive site survey, planning, material selection, and equipment choice. For surveying or location inspection, advanced techniques like radio/electromagnetic detection, sonar, CCTV, laser profiling, ground probing radar, GIS and mapping, and multi-sensory robots are used.

Trenchless technology is particularly useful in plumbing jobs and pipeline repair.


Where is it suitable?

No-dig technology pipe relining is suitable for all types of pipe-work, for pipes measuring 75mm and above in diameter. No-dig relining is carried out with minimal disruption and is much faster than the excavation and repair method. However, relining is not feasible if the drain line has badly collapsed, or displaced, or if the pipe is deformed.


Less Disruption

No-dig technology repair techniques are a cost-effective remedy, particularly if the faulty drain connection goes below an extension, and more so when excavating the spot means creating major disruption. The no-dig technology does away with the chaos and waste generation related to digging and excavation work.


Drain Relining

Drain relining using trenchless technology restores and resurrects the drainage system without the need for large excavations. It is very popular among customers in domestic properties, as well as highway construction agencies who use this method on the road’s primary drains.

The trenchless technology is used also to install patch liners that restore cracks, holes, fractures, and breaks as part of drain repairs In many places, this trenchless technology is used to fit full-length liners to extend the life of the drainage system, bypassing the need to excavate and replace the line completely. The benefits of this no-dig technology are endless and it is a blessing for pipeline repair and installation work sites.



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